Short description on how to use the Linked Open Data at the UPF

Use our Data

OpenData Structure UPF

1. OpenData Ideas

If you have an idea and you want to use OpenData for it, there are a lot of places where you can get these data easily.

At the UPF we have published some data that you can get through this portal in some formats and ways.

2. Get the Data

There are two ways to get our data:


The core of this Portal is CKAN, a powerful data management system that has a powerful API to get the data.

You can learn how to use this API here:

2) SPARQL Point:

We have published some of the data as "linked data", so you can retrieve our data using the SPARQL Query Language.

Our SPARQL Point is:

To learn about our Linked Data go to:

You can learn more about SPARQL here:

If you dont find the data you need, don't worry. Send us an email to:

Or send us a suggestion here:

OpenData Structure UPF

OpenData Structure UPF

3. Develop your Ideas

After getting the data, you can start developing your idea! During the development or after finishing it, tell us what you have done, so we can promote your idea through this portal!

In order to do that, please send us an email directly to:

Or contact us here: